Selected Video Pocahontas After School Foot Bitch

After months of staring at the most popular girl in class' feet as she'd dangle her shoes while sitting in class, you finally get your chance. Pocahontas Jones has asked you if you will help her with her math homework after school. She invites you back to her place and she sits on the bed ready to get down to work. However, she has another agenda. She really doesn't want to have to do any work at all. She wants you to do it all for he!. In exchange she will give you what you really want, a little playtime with her perfect, size 9 soles. She sits back on the bed and removes her shoes. The smell hits you immediately as she has been wearing them all day - it instantly makes you get hard. She starts asking you why you like her feet, but enjoys your tongue and lips on them as you worship them. You are in heaven! You can't believe the hottest girl in class has you slobbering all over her soft soles. She tells you from now on you will be coming over frequently to do all her homework, all her assignments - AND she wants your lunch money too so she can go shopping. You will be her new foot bitch! Are you ready?

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