Selected Video Clean my Big Size 12 Soles For Rent!

After turfing out her ex room mate, Vanessa has a new one in young Lizzy. However after a few months Lizzy is also showing signs of being a loser room mate and on this day, she cannot afford her rent. Vanessa has no time for girls who slack on work and never have enough money, so she tells Lizzy there's only one other way to pay off her be her foot bitch and lick and clean her huge size 12 soles! Lizzy has no choice and starts worshiping Vanessa's big feet, after a while Vanessa turns on her stomach so Lizzy has her soles right in her face, Lizzy continues her job for her much larger roommate. Eventually Vanessa wants her down on the floor where she belongs and orders her to lay on the floor. She uses her tongue as her own personal foot bath as she sits back and relaxes! This clip features Vanessa Waterfall and Lizzy Lamb

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